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This course is tailored for your sales needs.

Mastering sales doesn't have to be challenging if you have me in your corner. I have over 14 years of valuable experience that I'm ready to share with you.

I'll show you exactly what you need to succeed in sales - the easy way!

Does this sound familiar?

  • You're looking to grow your sales skills, but not quite sure how exactly what to do next.

  • Achieving your sales goals is a must, but you don't have the coaching, tools or information needed to make that a reality on an individual, or team level.

  • You lack the mentorship or accountability needed to perform at a higher level.

Colleen is truly an outstanding coach and leader

Cate Elliott

I have bee lucky enough to learn from her in two settings. While working in sales support at ezCater, I saw first hand how she grew the sales team, leading with admirable wisdom, and kindness. Later, I supported her in launching her sales coaching practice, where I was floored by her tenacity and effectiveness - both in building a thriving business from the ground up, while always delivering on her promise to guide sales professionals to new levels of success. Colleen is the perfect balance of constructive and warm as a leader. Most of all, she empowers her team and clients to achieve their goals while enjoying their work.

You don't have to figure things out alone...

The world of sales is a tricky one, so why not get everything you need to succeed? As a Sales Leader I have the lens of a potential boss, Hiring Manager, or Executive at your organization – but I also have the lens of having been in your shoes

Helping you achieve more, one step at a time

  • Perform at an elite level

    Understanding, and mastering sales is the secret I will show you. This is what will set the tone for leveling up your sales skills, and hitting those goals in the first place.

  • Accountability & Mentorship

    Accountability is so important - whether it's reaching deadlines, or staying on top of things. I will ensure to be apart of the process during the program, and even after.

  • Mastering Sales

    Nothing comes without sharpening the sales skills you already have. So how about we equip you with tools, information and solutions that ensures you're ready to perform, and excited to exceed expectations.

Wait, there's more!

You have everything you need in this course. Here are some bonuses for you!

  • Exclusive Facebook Group

    There's an exclusive Facebook Group for those enrolled in The Level Up Sales Playbook™. The group is aimed to promote learning and interaction with like-minded sales professionals.

  • Guest Speaker

    I have invited a guest speaker with a mountain of knowledge and expertise in all things sales. We have worked together before, and I know what she will share will be beneficial within the program.

  • Fillable Worksheets

    Every module has been created with fillable worksheets to enhance your experience in the course. You will have the opportunity to reflect on the course content, and anything you would like to improve on.

Colleen brings significant value, discipline, and fun to every meeting and team

Brooke Fitzgerald

Colleen was phenomenal to work for. She was incredibly efficient, supportive, and motivating to those on her team. Colleen brings significant value, discipline, and fun to every meeting and team she is a part of and represents the kind of personality and skill set I will always look for in a sales leader!

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